Posted on Categories Shoplifting By John B. Fabriele, III

Shoplifting in New Jersey

There’s no way anyone can see what you’re doing, right?  You glance around to make sure.  Maybe it’s expensive designer clothing, electronics, phone cards, allergy medication, jewelry, cosmetics, a pack of smokes, diapers, or baby formula… Your heart is beating fast, but this is easy, you think to yourself.  You’re past the cash registers, and nearing the exit. You’re almost home free!  That’s when you hear him.  A loud, stern voice. “Excuse me, stop right there, we need to speak to you.”  Your heart sinks… You know they’re talking to you.  You turn around, and see two store security guards.  “Can I help you?”  You stammer, trying to seem nonchalant.  “Would you come with us please.”  They aren’t actually asking.  “What is this about?”  You lie,  knowing very well what it’s about. In that instant you desperately regret your actions, because you’ve just gotten caught shoplifting…

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