Residential Burglary In Middlesex County, New Jersey

I have been defending clients charged with residential burglaries and other crimes in New Jersey for over 15 years. In my professional capacity as a criminal lawyer, I have cross-examined countless victims in burglary cases over the years, and the reaction is always the same. Disbelief and outrage. I know how upset they are. Not only are they angry about the theft that has occurred, but they feel violated because a total stranger entered their house to do it. In 2013 there were a string of residential burglaries in Middlesex County, many of them occurring in my hometown of East Brunswick. East Brunswick Police advised residents that the break-ins were occurring during the day.  They described that the suspects would walk around the neighborhood and simply knock on doors. If nobody was home, they would walk around to the back of the house and either break a window, or pry a door to gain entry. In November of 2013, three arrests were eventually made, which seemed  to stop the burglary rampage, however things didn’t stay quiet for long. Additional burglaries started occurring again, and as recently as January of 2014 the East Brunswick Police announced that they were offering a reward for information leading to arrests.

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